Seven ways that Take Me Too! will make your life better

Have you ever thought about offering someone a lift, if you’ve got a spare seat in your vehicle?  I mean, you’re going that way anyway, right?

Lift sharing with strangers is not something that everyone is familiar with, however that is all set to change with the new Take Me Too!, which is launching in Pembrokeshire.

Here are seven good reasons to sign up:

1. Save your pennies.

With a suggested journey contribution for each journey based on the miles travelled, drivers will get help towards fuel costs on a journey they would have been making anyway and passengers will have access to affordable travel. If you are going to a place where you need to pay for parking, you could split that cost too. Therefore saving money for both parties.

2. Do the planet a favour.

Sharing travel means fewer cars on the road, less fuel burned and lower CO2 emissions.

3. Find out about events you didn’t know about before.

Once you’re signed up as a Take Me Too! driver, we will send you journey requests if we think you might be able to help – this might be based on where you usually travel or what you like to do.  You may well find out about an event by receiving a message from Take Me Too! that someone else needs a lift to get there.

And getting more bums on seats at Pembrokeshire events is a good thing whether you’re sharing lifts or not – help make Pembrokeshire a more vibrant place to live.

4. You will meet new people, and probably make new friends!

Lift sharing is fun and sociable and a great way to meet like-minded people – you could be travelling to the same football match, festival or the same theatre production, or you could live in the same area and not have met before.

It’s highly likely that you will make a new friend through lift sharing, and it’s almost certainly a great networking opportunity. You never know who you might meet!

And if you’re worried about travelling with someone you haven’t met before, you can always check out the information on their Take Me Too! profile before you offer or accept a lift.

5. Who knows what you might learn.

You never know what you might learn from sharing a journey with someone new.  From ideas for days out or holiday destinations, to local knowledge or perhaps a short cut you didn’t know existed.  It’s commonly known in Pembrokeshire that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

6. Community connections

Take Me Too! will help connect you with other people in your community.  Once you get chatting, you’ll often find there are other ways that you can help each other or other people in your local area, making your community a more friendly, better connected, place to live.

7. The ‘Feel Good Factor’

It’s well known that Pembrokeshire is already a very friendly place, but just imagine the glow coming from the county if more people helped each other out. Earn yourself some good karma and accept a Take Me Too! lift request, or offer your journey, after all, what you give is what you get – and you’ll get the satisfaction of doing a good deed and knowing you’ve helped create a county full of people feeling good, restoring faith in humanity! To sign up or find out more, please visit