What's occurrin'

Well, it’s certainly been a different 2 years to what we were expecting when we started out on this Take Me Too! Project journey. We now live in different times with varying does and don'ts on our public and private lives. These will continue to shape our future and how we move on.

Moving on, being the operative word here, means that we are continuing to develop our Take Me Too! Project to cope with the times we now find ourselves in. Health and Safety - click here - are very much in our minds as we follow Welsh Government guidance - click here, use your feedback to change and improve aspects on our Web pages and to develop the functionality of the Take Me Too! App which we are looking forward to launching in the not too distant future (watch this space for updates click here). 

The more drivers that sign up, the more likely we can find a match for every journey request, and the more we can share out the journeys.  Help us make this work for Pembrokeshire – please tell everyone you know about Take Me Too!  If you have somewhere you can put up posters or hand out leaflets, have suggestions about how we can promote Take Me Too! or would like us to come and talk about the project to your group or club, please contact us.

We are also further developing the Event Organiser and Venue registration opportunity to get clients/customers to your events/gigs and how to make sure people don’t miss out due to transport issues.

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