Lift sharing during COVID-19

What are the rules around car sharing?

If you cannot work from home and need to travel to work, you should consider how to do so in the safest way possible. Please refer to the Alert level 0: guidance for the public and the Welsh Government’s Technical Advisory Group Report on plastic screens in taxis and private hire vehicles for more information,

Where it cannot be avoided, you should take steps to minimise the risk of coronavirus such as increasing physical distancing as much as possible, opening windows for the whole journey or for 10 seconds at a time, wear a face covering take lateral flow tests twice a week if you don’t have any symptoms

During the ongoing COVID-19 situation, and under current government advice, Take Me Too! will continue to operate.  Some people are struggling with essential journeys they need to make and we know that many people within Pembrokeshire are keen to help where they can.  As always when you are lift sharing, passengers and drivers should use common sense in taking relevant precautions, and make their own decisions about giving or requesting lifts.

Please follow our advice below for specific precautions to be taken in the light of COVID-19:

- Consider whether you need to travel at all, particularly if you are more vulnerable (i.e. aged 70+ or living with underlying health conditions that put you at greater risk from COVID-19).  People vulnerable to the virus, or anyone showing signs of infection, should not be travelling at present unless it's essential.  There is support within communities to pick up shopping and prescriptions for people who are self isolating or who have been advised to stay at home  Please contact us (  or 07553 500400) and we can put you in touch with support in your area.

- Drivers and passengers should not share journeys if they or anyone within their household has (or has recently had) a high temperature or new, persistent cough within the past 14 days.  You must follow government guidance to self-isolate at home.

- Take a Lateral Flow Test at least 30 minutes before the journey to check you are not carrying the virus  (see ) 

- You can order LFT kits, to use at home, via the NHS

- The Welsh Government advise Face coverings must be worn in all indoor public places and on public transport, including taxis – lift sharing falls within this category, please see the link below for information regarding face coverings. Please note that social distancing and hygiene measures remain the most effective ways to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

For the purpose of reducing the spread of coronavirus, a face covering is something which covers the nose and mouth. You can buy or make reusable or single-use face coverings. The World Health Organisation recommends a minimum of three layers in a face covering.

For our general advice about lift sharing safely, please go to:

- Care should be taken to keep 'touch points' (door handles, seat belts, etc.) clean between each car user. Viruses can live on hard surfaces for up to eight hours.

- Keep the car ventilated during the journey, keep windows open for the whole of the journey or at least 10 seconds at a time and consider sitting further apart if if this is possible (e.g. passenger in the back and driver in the front)   

- Wash hands with soap and hot water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available, both before and after the journey.

- Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

For our general advice about lift sharing safely, please go to:

For advice and information from Public Health Wales about COVID-19, please go to: 

For advice and information from Community Transport Association (CTA) about COVID-19, please go to:

CTA’s Guidance for Operating Essential Journeys during COVID-19 Emergency: