7 Myths About Take Me Too! BUSTED!

#1 You don't need to make regular journeys to help people out - traditional lift sharing is usually to and from work, with regular times and routes... Take Me Too! is different. It works for work journeys but it works for all sorts of other journeys, so even if you only make a journey occasionally, someone may be really grateful to share it with you.


#2 It's not just about getting to work; Take Me Too! is about almost any journey - to and from the shops, doctor, hospital, visiting friends, going to the cinema, an event or the pub, trip to the beach, weekend away - even to the ferry or airport!


#3 We don't ask you to make any commitment to making journeys when you sign up - it may be that you never ask for or offer a lift. That's ok - if nothing comes up that suits you, that's fine. We're just asking you to be open minded to the possibility of sharing a lift, if it fits your journeys at the time. 


#4 You don't need to sign in or check for lift requests or offers - we'll contact you (by 'phone, text or email - whichever you prefer) and it just takes a second or two to say yes or no.


#5 You don't need to be online to use Take Me Too! but drivers do need to provide an email we can contact them on with information about the service.


#6 We take personal safety and safeguarding very seriously - the team running Take Me Too! uses it too, and we want everyone to be safe. Our Safety tips and advice will help you stay safe and secure, and we check drivers' licenses and cars' insurance and tax status too. If you have a smartphone and choose to download our app, you can use the 'I've Arrived' feature so someone you trust knows where you are and if and when you've arrived safely at your destination (and home again, too, if that helps).

Oh, and our database is as safe as it can possibly be - our personal data is in there, too, so we make sure it's really, really well protected.


#7 You don't have to be a keen environmentalist, have a spotlessly clean car, be making the same journeys regularly, live in Pembrokeshire (if you visit often), commit to making any journeys with Take Me Too! (but if you do, that's lovely), want to save money, care about congestion or parking problems or want to meet new people or make new friends - although all these things are great reasons to share journeys - you might just want to help someone out (as a driver) or get from A to B (as a passenger).


There are loads of great reasons (and great benefits) for sharing a lift. Why not give it a try?