The safety of our members is a priority for Take Me Too! – we all understand the need to be safe and feel safe when we’re out and about.

Safety Tips for Your Journey

We will help match you with a travelling partner, but you remain responsible for your own safety when out and about.  When you travel, you may wish to follow the following common sense safety tips:

  • Find out about your travelling partner before you agree a lift, by checking their Take Me Too! profile page.
  • Don’t give anyone your address until you feel you know them well enough to feel safe to do so.
  • Meet somewhere public - at a bus stop, in front of a pub or shop, etc. are good options.
  • Tell someone who you will be travelling with, where and when you are going and when you should be home.
  • Ask to see the other person’s ID (driving license, work ID, etc.) when you travel with someone for the first time – but do warn them so they have the right documents on them! Expect to be asked to provide your ID in return.
  • Consider taking a photo of the car that comes to collect you (showing the license plate) and sending that photo to a friend before you travel – drivers will understand – this is also a recommended safety tip for people travelling in unfamiliar taxis.
  • The Take Me Too! App offers an ‘I’ve Arrived!’ check in when you get to your destination – you can tell the app you’ve arrived safe and sound. If you don’t it will alert your chosen contact and tell them that you’re not where you should be! This feature is great if you want to be sure someone will know if you don’t get where you’re supposed to be.

If you feel unsafe or it ‘doesn’t feel right’, don’t make the journey. Your safety comes first.

Will my personal contact details be visible to others?

No, our website is secure and your address, ‘phone number and email address will be hidden at all times. The only information that is visible to other members is your user name, the journeys you have requested / offered and your photo and profile information if you have added them.

You can choose what contact information you share with a travelling partner and we will only pass these details on once you have confirmed a lift with that person.

How safe is the driver and their car?

When a driver joins the scheme we check their driving licence.  We only accept drivers who have a full valid driving licence and less than 6 penalty points for minor motoring offences. 

We also check that their car is taxed and has a valid MOT, when they first register for Take Me Too! and annually thereafter.

However, for your own peace of mind, we recommend that you ask the driver for the Vehicle Registration Number and Vehicle Make and Model and then check the details on

We invite all passengers to rate their driver after every journey.  You can check the feedback we have received about a driver on their Take Me Too! profile page.

If we receive a complaint about a driver or a passenger, we will suspend them from Take Me Too! while we investigate.