Rules of the Road

We expect everyone who joins Take Me Too! to follow a few basic rules. We will ask you to agree to these rules when you first sign-up:

  • Be respectful of your driver / passenger. As the passenger - and certainly as the driver(!) - don't spend the whole journey on your phone, it can be distracting to your driver as well as appearing unfriendly.
  • Be polite and friendly. You aren’t going to agree with everyone on everything, but this is a lift, and most of us can agree to differ for a journey.
  • Be reliable. Meet where and when you agree to – if you absolutely can’t make it, or if you are going to be delayed, let the other person know as soon as you can.
  • Check your driver/passenger doesn't mind before you eat or drink in the car. This is especially important for passengers – you’re in someone else’s car, and they keep it clean (hopefully)!
  • Don't assume that everyone loves heavy metal or classical music. If there is music / a radio on, check you’re both ok with it for the length of the journey.
  • Drivers, please keep the car acceptably clean, drive safely and considerately, be friendly and polite and let the passenger know any unusual ground rules before agreeing a lift!
  • Passengers, please ask before adjusting any of the car’s controls, including temperature and volume, check before you smoke / vape, eat or drink and offer to pay before you have to be asked!
  • Be aware that if there is a dashcam in the car, it may be recording sounds inside the vehicle, such as your conversations, as well as a view of the road ahead.

You will be offered the chance to give feedback about your driver / passenger after every journey. If you have any serious concerns about another user please contact us straight away.