Event Organisers and Venues – How can we work together?

Are you planning an event or putting on a show?  Have you thought about how your guests/customers are going to get to you – and how to make sure people don’t miss out due to transport issues?

Take Me Too! is run by the Pembrokeshire community transport charity PACTO* to create a new approach to lift sharing in Pembrokeshire.  We are funded by the National Lottery Community Fund as part of their Wales Rural Programme. We want to work with you to help keep Pembrokeshire connected and ensure that no one is excluded because of lack of transport, from the events and activities that are happening across our amazing County.

How can we work together?

Take Me Too! works by building up a network of drivers that are willing to give someone a lift, if they are going the same way.  When we receive a journey request, we send it out to the relevant drivers. We can work with you to promote Take Me Too! to your existing customers, building a ready-made network of people willing to give a lift to your venue or events, and making it easy to respond when someone requests transport.

Talk to us about including information about Take Me Too! on your website, flyers or brochures, or linking Take Me Too! with your booking processes. We can provide you with promotional materials for display at your venue, and are always happy to come and talk to your visitors about the Take Me Too! project.

As an event organiser you will be able to feature your event/venue on our website, raising awareness amongst our community about what is going on, and making people who struggle with transport aware that getting a lift to you is a possibility.  

What’s in it for you?

Take Me Too! can help ensure that you can reach the broadest of audiences, helping to ensure no one is excluded due to lack of transport.  

This also means more bums on seats – more income for you!

Take Me Too! can take care of the logistics of matching up people to travel together so you don’t have to.

Take Me Too! can also be used to encourage everyone attending your event to consider liftsharing:  good if you care about the environment, and also if parking is limited.    

Ready to find out more?  

Check out our website at www.takemetoo.org.uk or contact us on hello@takemetoo.org.uk or 01437 701123

* PACTO is Pembrokeshire Association of Community Transport Organisations.