Transport and Cost of Living Support

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In rural areas like Pembrokeshire, the cost of transport can be a huge drain on household budgets. There are ways to make your money go further – can any of these help you?

Get your bus pass if you’re eligible

Everyone aged 60+ and many disabled people are eligible for a free bus pass, which gives free travel on bus services throughout Wales, and free/discounted travel on many community transport services. Apply online here:

Aged 16-21? Apply FREE for MyTravelPass, which gives 1/3 off bus fares across Wales:

Affordable community transport options

Pembrokeshire has a range of community transport services for people who live off the bus route, or who find it difficult to travel by mainstream public transport for other reasons.

These include:

- Dial-a-ride services in all of Pembrokeshire’s main towns and many rural parts of Pembrokeshire (including Green Dragon town rider services, the Fflecsi bus and Bloomfield Dial-a-Bus services). These services are all free for anyone who has a bus pass. There is a small fare, similar to bus fares, for anyone else.

- Pembrokeshire Country Cars. This service is run by Royal Voluntary Service volunteers, mainly using their own cars. Can be used for any health or socially necessary journeys up to 40 miles each way. (N.B. limited to one return journey a week so everyone has a chance for a journey and please book at least 48 hours in advance if possible). Charges contribute towards the volunteer drivers’ expenses but are subsidised by Pembrokeshire County Council, and it’s cheaper if you have a bus pass. E.g. a 15 mile journey (e.g. would be £11.40 return or £6.90 with a bus pass.

- Wheelchair Accessible Cars available for hire by disabled people and their families/carers. Minibuses available for community group use. Charged per mile, on a non-profit basis, and charges include fuel and insurance.

- If you have a hospital appointment, you may also be eligible for free non-emergency hospital transport. More information here: or call 0300 123 2303. People on low incomes can also claim help with the costs of travelling to hospital appointments .

Take Me Too! Share the journey - share the cost

If you’re making a journey by car and have a spare seat in your vehicle, have you thought about offering someone a lift?

Check out Take Me Too!, Pembrokeshire’s new lift-sharing scheme. We suggest a journey contribution for each journey based on the miles travelled (at 25p per mile). Drivers will get help towards fuel costs on a journey they would have been making anyway and passengers have access to affordable travel. If you are going to a place where you need to pay for parking, you could split that cost too.

Find out more here:

Consider volunteer driving:

If you have a car and a little spare time, consider volunteer driving. You’ll be reimbursed 45p per mile - even with today’s high fuel costs, this still more than covers fuel and running costs for most cars. You can often combine trips to town with your passengers to do your own shopping or errands. You’ll also be making a huge difference to local people and your community – thank you!

Contact for more info about volunteer driving.

Search out the cheapest fuel

Fuel prices can vary greatly – check out comparison sites like for the cheapest fuel near you.