About Take Me Too!?

Take Me Too! matches people who need transport with someone who is going their way, and is happy to give them a lift. Together we can help connect Pembrokeshire!  

Our goal is for everyone in Pembrokeshire to be able to make the journeys they need and want to make. If there isn’t public transport or a taxi available when and where it’s needed (or if money is tight) we’ll try and find someone who can offer a lift.  This way we can help each other out, save money (it’s not too expensive for the passenger and the driver gets a bit of help with the cost of the journey) and help save the planet too! It also helps us meet new people and builds happier, more connected communities for us all to live in.

Take Me Too! is a small part of a growing global journey sharing movement. People have been sharing journeys in Pembrokeshire since long before the motor car, but not everyone knows who they can ask for a lift or who to offer a lift to. We’re aiming to fill that gap.

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Take Me Too! is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, as part of their Wales Rural Programme.