Take Me Too! is for everyone in Pembrokeshire who:

  • struggles to make a journey because they can’t drive; don’t have a car; public transport or taxis aren’t available; or money is tight.
  • wants to see better use of all the car journeys made every day in our County with empty seats going spare.
  • wants to build better, more connected, communities that we all want to live in.

To register for Take Me Too! you must:

  • Be aged 18 or over.
  • Live in Pembrokeshire or need to travel in and around the county.

Once registered, you will be able to make a journey request.  Journey requests can be to anywhere, at any time, and for any reason, as long as they start or end in Pembrokeshire.  Take Me Too will send your request out to all the drivers that we think might be able to help, and hopefully someone will be able to offer you a lift.

We will expect you to make a contribution towards the cost of the journey - Take Me Too will send both you and the driver a suggested amount, based on the journey mileage, so everyone is clear before the lift takes place. 

Are you ready to join us?  Click here to sign up

Help us make Take Me Too! work for you!  The more drivers that sign up, the more likely we can find a match for every journey request, and the more we can share out the journeys.  Please tell everyone you know about Take Me Too!  If you have somewhere you can put up posters or hand out leaflets, have suggestions about how we can promote Take Me Too! or would like us to come and talk about the project to your group or club, please contact us.  

You can also download and share marketing materials here.